Service Awards


2011 Service Awards 

Congratulations to the faithful servants who received achievement awards for there service in 2011:

  • Kim Nordin...Living Grace ...Senior Connection Coordinator
  • Priscilla Graziano... St Peter and Paul ... Kids Hope Director for Three Oaks school
  • Diana Wasko... St Peter and Paul... Kids Hope event coordinator
  • Shelley Walsh... Living Grace...Kids Hope event coordinator
  • Nona Arnold... Willow Creek... Outstanding Achievement for the year for her involvement and leadership in Kids Hope, Generous It Tea, Car Washes, Love Your Neighbor Team, Turkey delivery
  • Also thank you to our local church Pastors without your support and prayers for us CGNL would not be possible

2010 Service Awards 

doug-parker-2010Doug Parker receives Outstanding Service Certificate ...


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for serving our communities so well the last 3 years. You were over and above in everything you did and we appreciate your loyalty and endurance to make a difference. Several years ago you had a vision to serve your neighbors and felt God was calling you to follow that leading. He led you to us and the Love your Neighbor Team was born. Over the years you have rallied the troops and led many projects in our community from repairing roofs, fixing leaky pipes, replacing screens, fixing doors, to removing raccoons. You have worked in kitchens, bathrooms, inside and out. You serve with a humble heart and always make the homeowners feel important and worthy of your time. That is an amazing trait. The excellence with which you do everything represents Cary Grove Neighborhood Life in a beautiful light. Some day you will hear “Well done good and faithful servant” but for now just know that Cary Grove Neighborhood Life is proud to call you one of us and acknowledge your faithfulness this year.
Thank you Doug. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him, CGNL Board of Directors 


heather-marts-2010Heather Marts receives Outstanding Service certificate ...

It is our privilege to award you once again for your outstanding service in 2010 for Cary Grove Neighborhood Life. The Generous it TEA was a smashing success. You led everything from planning the menu, designing the tickets, recruiting the bakers and hostess’s, supplying china and silver, running the kitchen, setting up and taking it all down. WOW!!! The afternoon was delightful, energetic and beautiful because of your leadership. Our first Random Act of Kindness event was accepted very well. The lemonade Stands were successful again this year because of your influence. You led the marketing and publicity, distribution of signs, and held many stands yourself while getting us discounts and building a relationship with Brian from Walgreens. Your impact on our community will not be forgotten.
Thank you for following Gods’ call on your life and being obedient to His leadings. Cary Grove Neighborhood Life would not be as effective without you. CGNL Board of Directors . 


2009 Service Awards 

Andrew Dimino Andrew Dimino receives Outstanding Service Certificate ...

We would not have had such a successful Lemonade Stand fundraiser without your design, purchasing skills, building talents, team gathering and leadership. Mia and Jim will be forever grateful for your team leadership, persistent fund-raising, newspaper writing skills, and even making sure your team was fed. It was great to have you serve at the Taste of Cary Grove and direct traffic many people in our community recognize you. You are a shining example of following Gods commandment about loving your neighbor. One of the most challenging projects for you this year was figuring out how to remove raccoons and find people to serve when the home owner wanted to keep their need confidential. Your ability to work with Kristie, make her feel comfortable and get the job done was admirable to say the least. So many ways you encouraged us and supported this community.
Thank you so much Andrew.



Heather MartsHeather Marts receives Outstanding Service certificate ...

Your leadership for our first ever Women’s Tea was so encouraging to the ladies who served with you. Your fingerprint was on everything. The Lemonade Stand fundraiser could not have happened without you from designing the sign, to painting them, to storing them, to picking them up and dropping them off. The fliers got delivered also because of your “never give up attitude” to schools, and business and anywhere in town you could think of. As well as running a stand every chance you got which produced lots of money for “Feeding the Hungry”. Your contribution and support to the Taste of Cary Grove was felt by the team in so many ways. Setting up and serving and encouraging Sue with celery and carrots. Providing hospitality for the roofers at Jim and Mia’s was very much appreciated by Andrew and the team of workers. So many ways you encouraged us and supported this community.
Thank you so much Heather.



Kelly Belmonte Kelly Belmonte receives Outstanding Service certificate ...

When you began the Lemonade Stand fund raiser I am sure you did not think it would take all summer. But no matter what you hung in there with it until it was complete. Even through the flier escapade. From taking every name, and keeping track of them and the funds they collected to finding stores to sponsor them and setting up that schedule. Your record keeping made Sue confident and all of us informed on a daily basis. Your communication to the participants allowed them to be successful with their project and appreciated. So many ways you encouraged us and supported this community.
Thank you so much Kelley.



Rob Vellinga receives Outstanding Service certificate ...

For many years you have had passion for seeing men connect and build relationships. Leading Ecumen breakfast was your vision and you have been the glue holding it together. You have met the challenge of working with five different pastors and teams from our churches and brought many of them into this vision. Your organization from registration, to marketing, to overseeing the curriculum and table discussion questions (which has been a wonderful guide) has been so important to making them meaningful experiences. The growth in numbers is proof God is in them and behind you. So many ways you encouraged us and supported this community.
Thank you so much Rob.



Presentation of gifts from CGNL and Sterling Ridge Neighborhood Community

Presentation of gifts from CGNL and Sterling Ridge Neighborhood Community for the Cary United Methodist PADS kitchen Cary United Methodist church has served our families in need in our Community for 22 years opening their church every Saturday night and feeding and housing overnight the homeless of McHenry County. Their kitchen was in need of supplies and new items will encourage the loyal volunteers.

Presentation of gifts from CGNL and Sterling Ridge Neighborhood Community for the Cary United Methodist PADS kitchenPresentation of gifts from CGNL and Sterling Ridge Neighborhood Community for the Cary United Methodist PADS kitchen

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If you are experiencing need for food, clothing, shelter or any other types of assistance, please let us know - Cary Grove Neighborhood Life would like to help. Please contact us via email.

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Ephesians 4:4-6

Ephesians 4:4-6  We are all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both inwardly and outwardly. We have one Master, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who rules over all, works through all, and is present in all. Everything we are and think and do is permeated with Oneness.

Mission Statement

Our Mission as an organization is to connect people who live within the geographic area of Cary & Fox River Grove, with opportunities to build relationships and serve together to help neighbors in need. When we take a few minutes to do random acts of kindness, "pay it forward" we like to say, all those involved are blessed.